I am an artist and licensed board-certified creative arts therapist. I received my BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. Throughout the years, I have continuously maintained my personal art making practice. For me, art making is a way of life and imbues my days with a sense of purpose and joy. In addition, art functions as a critical source of emotional release at the end of the day.

My approach as an artist has always centered around the process rather than the finished product. I work spontaneously and intuitively in the studio in a form of dialogue between myself and the materials. This process is a constant self-exploration, often revealing feelings of which I was previously unaware. I feel that this method of artistic expression parallels the way that art therapists work with clients. This therapeutic dialogue requires an open mind and a high level of empathy. I am inspired by the rhythms of nature as well as by the energy of the different individuals I meet on a daily basis. My artwork over the past few years has combined materials such as acrylic paint, pastes, sand, tissue paper, and found objects, to create a unique synthesis of texture, form, and color.

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